Fees – Parent Portal

On-line Payment Option now available for School Fees and Yearbooks

In response to popular demand, School District No. 42 is now offering parents/guardians online options for payment of fees,  including field trip, student fees, yearbooks etc.

Before parents/guardians can use this new online option, they must visit the new site at https://parents.sd42.ca and register for an account.  Once your account is active you may contact the office to obtain your child’s “linking letter.” This linking letter will contain your child’s pupil number and a unique linking key. Log in to your newly created parent portal account and use this information to link your student(s). You will need an individual linking letter for EACH child that you wish to link to your account.

Once you have your child(ren) linked to your account you will begin to receive notices and forms from the school that have been targeted to your family.  If you require your child’s linking key, please email the Administrative Coordinator, Mrs. Gilbert.