Electronic Devices


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Pitt Meadows Secondary School’s mission statement includes “personal growth in a safe, caring, and inclusive environment”.  This guideline outlines the procedure for addressing recent issues that have been found to cause harm to our students and staff.  A review and change to our guidelines has resulted because of the following events:

¬  inappropriate use of the recording devices found in cell phones;

¬  an increased rate of interruption caused by cell phone use in classrooms;

¬  cheating occurring during tests using text messaging;

¬  increased rate in theft of electronic devices.

Guideline Statement

The use of technology, specifically cell phones, pagers, and listening devises such as iPods are interfering with teaching and learning at a rate noticeable to staff, parents, and students.  The numbers of these devices and the inappropriate use has become very negative.  Until now, our guideline stated that these devices could not interfere with teaching and learning.   Recent events have forced us to protect students and staff by re-writing our guideline.  Effective May 1  “Cell phones, pagers, and other devices with the capability to record are not permitted in instructional areas including, but not limited to, classrooms, change rooms, and other learning areas.  Listening devices are not to be used in any of these areas unless students have the direct permission of the adult-in-charge”.  During instructional time cell phones are to be left in secured lockers or at home.  As always, safety is paramount, should there be a need to carry a device for purposes of safety, permission may be granted.  Students should approach an Administrator to schedule a meeting of appeal.

Procedure for Responding to a student having an electronic device

1. Adult will approach the student, hear the student’s account, and discuss the guideline.  A resolution may be achieved at this point.

2. If, after the assessment of the incident with the student, the teacher remains concerned that the student is not understanding or following the guidelines, a report is made to the Principal or Vice Principal.

3. The Principal or Vice Principal will review the written documentation and meet with the student.  Communication with home will occur at this time, if not sooner.


Consequences for continued use or serious inappropriate use of recording devices

The consequences of a confirmed act of inappropriate use of electronic devices include:

¬  Conversation and student project to improve an understanding of why we have these guidelines.  Communication with home would occur at this time, or earlier;

¬  Forwarding of information to R.C.M.P. when it is found the law has been broken.

¬  Suspension, either in or out of school.