Career Centre

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The Career Centre functions to facilitate the placement of students in work experience settings in support of their Career Preparation Programs. While this is our primary focus, over the years we have adopted other roles to provide more global support for students. These include; overseeing scholarship applications, providing resources for post-secondary institutions, coordinating Take Our Kids To Work day, organizing Post Secondary visits, providing resumes and covering letters for employment, career guidance and testing and career related field trips.

The Career Centre is staffed by a Work Experience Coordinator. The Centre is open 5 days a week however with the lost of the Career Prep Assistant, hours will be announced in the fall.  Students are welcome to drop in any time, or they may make an appointment.

Our Centre is equipped with 6 computers which all have internet, Email and word processing capabilities. Additionally we have purchased Career software which students can use for planning, portfolio and career preparation. Students are welcome to drop in to use the facilities, regardless of purpose.

One of our most pressing concerns surrounds communications. Our information is only as good as the number in our audience that receive and act on it. We employ a variety of methods to get our message out. These include our website, the monthly school newsletter, announcements, Email, bulletin boards, and personal contacts. If you can think of any other way in which we might improve our communications, please don’t hesitate to suggest it.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Penny Griffin, Work Experience Coordinator