Parent Portal Absence Reporting




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Students attending PMSS are encouraged to participate in the many opportunities available to succeed and enjoy a quality learning experience. It is the responsibility of each student to attend regularly, to be on time and to be on task. Common sense guidelines should be used.

Attendance is taken every period.

¬ Students are not to leave the school grounds during instructional time unless the Administration and the student’s parents are informed and permission is given.

¬ Students leaving the school during school hours must sign out in the office.

¬ If it is necessary for student to leave school during the day, the student should make every effort to speak to teachers of the classes he/she will be missing.

Truancy is defined as being out of school without permission. The consequences for truancy are designed to discourage the behaviour of skipping while at the same time provide additional structured time to complete course work.

¬ Consequences will be based upon the situation, the length of time truant, and the established attendance pattern of the student.

¬ Consequences will range from student-teacher conversation, to referral to administration, to possible suspension (in-school or out of school).

Arriving late interferes with teaching, learning and student achievement. Excessive lates impact student performance.

¬ Lates are subject to the same consequences as for truancy

¬ There are legitimate situations where students will be late, and a note or phone call from a parent or guardian excusing their late arrival should be provided.

¬ If arriving after 9:00am, the student must sign in at the office.

For short, less than 3 days, unexpected absences such as illness, please contact the school switchboard at (604) 465-7141 on the morning of the illness to indicate absence. To further support communication with the teachers a note should be placed in the school agenda confirming the absence. For extended absences there is form in the office so that the school, and/or teachers are aware of the absence. Homework can be provided to support learning.

Consequences for truancy and unexcused lateness, the following guidelines will be employed:

¬ 1st to 4th unexcused absences/lates are at teacher’s discretion to assign student consequences/contact home (via e-mail, call interim).

¬ Before truancy/unexcused lateness is referred to administration, documented home contact has been made by the teacher.

¬ 5th and subsequent unexcused absences/lates are referred to administration. Consequences may range from a letter being sent home requesting the student and the parent to submit a written outline to administration explaining how they will address the issue, to suspension. The severity of the consequence will escalate with every referral.