Westview Secondary School is a focal point for the community and the students who attend. We have a sense of pride and support students of varying ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. WSS offers a wide variety of programs, and we are strong in the traditions of Respect, Open Mindedness, Achievement and Responsibility. Our academic programs support the highest achievers through honours classes and enrichment and leadership opportunities. Peer tutoring and learning support services assist students with learning challenges. Every department meshes curriculum with co-curricular activities. Fine arts nights, drama productions, athletics events, student leadership events and other programs are well attended, bringing the school community to life.

The sense of community has progressed beyond the student population. Through active involvement, our parent advisory council and other parent groups contribute greatly to our school. Parents and families play a very important role in the success of their children. As quoted from How to Get the Most out of High School: Canadian Edition (Woodburn Press), “High school students are old enough to make many of their own decisions, but they still need their parents to provide guidance and to set limits.” Some of the tips below are taken from this pamphlet:

  • help your son or daughter set reasonable goals
  • encourage your child to be involved in extracurricular activities
  • ensure your child attends regularly and is in classes on time
  • attend parent conferences and maintain contact with teachers
  • work together with the school – if you have concerns, contact your child’s counselor or vice principal
  • talk to your child about what is happening at school
  • help your child choose appropriate courses
  • ensure the computer is in a common place in order for you to monitor