Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Support Workers (ASWs) play a very important role in the success of ALL aboriginal students. They work in one, two, and sometimes three schools, depending on the Aboriginal student population and need in each location. Consistent with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education, the support provided is additional to any other programs and services for which an Aboriginal student is already eligible. They help with the Aboriginal self-identification process in September and throughout the year.

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Applied Skills



In English 8-12 students will focus on reading for the purpose of developing a deeper understanding and analysis of literature.  Students will also focus on learning to write effectively in order to communicate and convey ideas, demonstrate understanding, and to express creativity. In addition to this, the department offers a variety of creative expression opportunities outside the classroom, including events such as, poetry slams (spoken word poetry), creative writing contests, and an annual public speaking competition for grades 8-10.

Fine Arts

Westview Secondary School


Westview Secondary’s Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses designed to meet the needs of all students.  It is important that students select courses that suit their interests, as well as their career and post-secondary aspirations.  The Mathematics Department provides a Mathematical curriculum that helps students:

  • Develop an appreciation of the role of Mathematics in every day life
  • Develop strong Mathematical skills
  • Develop self-confidence and enjoyment in the study of Mathematics

The study of Mathematics requires regular study and practice.  It is expected that students complete assignments on a daily basis.  Most of our Mathematics courses will end with a final exam and all grade 10 Mathematics courses have government final exams.  Note: All Mathematics students in grade 10, 11 and 12 will use a workbook.  Students should talk to their Mathematics teacher regarding these workbooks.  To view different math streams, access:  Mathematics Streams

Modern Languages

Westview Secondary School offers both French and Spanish. French is offered from grade 8 – 12 and Spanish is offered from grade 9 – 12. These courses are communicative based and curriculum is in line with the Common European Framework for second language learning.


The science department at Westview Secondary School uses a hands-on experiential approach to learning about our physical world. Students are encouraged to think and act like scientists. The junior curriculum introduces the students to aspects of biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and geology.

The four general goals for the junior sciences are:
-To develop an understanding of the nature of science and technology, of the relationships between science and technology, and of the social and environmental contexts of science and technology.
-To develop the skills required for scientific and technological inquiry, for solving problems, for communicating scientific ideas and results, for working collaboratively, and for making informed decisions.
-To construct knowledge and understandings of concepts in life science, physical science, and Earth and space science, and apply these understandings to interpret, integrate, and extend their knowledge.
-To develop attitudes that support the responsible acquisition and application of scientific and technological knowledge to the mutual benefit of self, society and environment.

This broad-spectrum approach introduces the students to a variety of sciences so that in grade 11 and 12, they can make informed choices regarding the various courses offered at the senior level.  The senior sciences include biology 11 and 12, chemistry 11 and 12, physics 11 and 12, science and technology 11, earth science 11 and geology 12.

Student Leadership Programs

Westview has a growing a vibrant student leadership program. There are several courses allowing young leaders to develop and lead our school community. This amazing program is for individuals who are passionate about making a difference within their leadership class, the school and the extended community. Leadership will involve areas such as communication, team building, team delegation, organization, self-awareness, goal setting, and problem solving. Students in leadership will help create an unforgettable school experience.  Grades 9 through 12 are welcome to apply. There are many options to explore in the course selection booklet.

Social Studies

Westview Secondary School

WSS Learning Services

Westview Secondary Student Support Services strive to meet our students’ academic, social and emotional needs.  Our goal is to ensure each student feels valued and supported in reaching their full potential. We collaborate with classroom teachers to provide curriculum adaptations and modifications in inclusive and flexible learning environments. We communicate with parents/guardians to ensure their children are receiving meaningful educational opportunities that align with their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Should you have any questions about services we can provide your child, please contact our school office and ask to be directed to our Student Support Services Department Head.

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Physical Education

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