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Student Article: Phone Usage in Classrooms

Phone usage in classrooms at SRT by Kaylea Paterson

Are phones in classrooms benefiting students?

This report surveyed anonymous teachers of SRT and measured that the majority of teachers don’t agree with having phones in school.

Teachers are finding that students aren’t paying attention in class because they’re on their phones and not engaging in class. They also said that the students have no discipline and are tempted by their devices.

But teachers do not want to take students phones away because they are personal devices and do not want to be disrespectful towards the student or their families.

On the other hand, students are using their phones poorly in class because they don’t find the work hands on and they aren’t interested in the topic that they’re studying.

Some teachers feel that phones should not be allowed in schools because if students are not focused on the work that they are supposed to be doing, they won’t get good grades and will fail their classes.

According to, teens and tweens aged 9-14 spend an average of 6-9 hours a day on their phones, using instagram, snapchat, tik tok, youtube,etc. If teens are spending more time on their phones than they are in school, the generations coming will not know how to function properly in the real world.