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Staff Links

Ms. Shields, Counselling Grades 9/10/12 (N-Z) – (alison_shields@sd42.ca)

Ms. Lunoch, Counselling Grades 8/11/12 (A-M) – (Nikki_Lunoch@sd42.ca)

Ms. Boone (SPED) – (jennifer_boone@sd42.ca)

Ms. Carruthers – (kim_carruthers@sd42.ca

Mr. Clippingdale – (Todd_Clippingdale@sd42.ca

Mr. Conway – (Jeff_Conway@sd42.ca)

Mr. Crich – (bcrich@sd42.ca)

Mr. S. Curwen –  (scurwen@sd42.ca)

Ms. Davies – (sarah_davies@sd42.ca)

Mr. Desjardins – (wdesjardins@sd42.ca)

Mr. Demos – (sdemos@sd42.ca)

Mr. Donkersloot – (anton_donkersloot@sd42.ca)

Mr. Driscoll – (eric_driscoll@sd42.ca)

Mr. Faresin – (rfaresin@sd42.ca

Mrs. Garant (leiane_ward@sd42.ca)

Mr. Gubert (livio_gubert@sd42.ca) Trades Support Teacher

Mr. Guzyk – (rguzyk@sd42.ca)

Mr. Halfnights – (shalfnights@sd42.ca)

Ms. Hindson – (thindson@sd42.ca)  Website:  http://www.thindson8.wix.com/mysite

Mr. Hoyme – (thomas_hoyme@sd42.ca)

Ms. Huber – (dannielle_huber@sd42.ca) Website: https://hubersnotebook.weebly.com/

Ms. Jensen – (michelle_jensen@sd42.ca)

Mr. Langridge (samuel_langridge@sd42.ca)

Ms. Lapointe – (Patricia_Lapointe@sd42.ca)

Mr. Mah – (smah@sd42.ca)

Ms. McBay – (shaana_mcbay@sd42.ca)

Mr. McElgunn- (geoff_mcelgunn@sd42.ca)

Ms. McPherson – (lmcpherson@sd42.ca

Mrs. Meyer – (Lindsey_Meyer@sd42.ca)

Ms. Moore – (Charlene_Moore@sd42.ca)

Ms. Nelson – (knelson@sd42.ca)

Ms. Nelson – Science 

Mrs. Nelson – (Melissa_Nelson@sd42.ca) on leave

Mr. Pasqualotto – (Joseph_Pasqualotto@sd42.ca)

Mr. Chris Perger – (Christopher_Perger@sd42.ca)

Ms. Rowell – (jrowell@sd42.ca) WEBSITE–>>CLICK HERE

Ms. Ryall – (wryall@sd42.ca)

Mrs. Schafer adria_schafer@sd42.ca    http://srtlibrary.weebly.com 

Ms. Sheridan – (rsheridan@sd42.ca)

Mr. Sych – (gsych@sd42.ca)

Mr. Tillotson – (Kyle_Tillotson@sd42.ca)

Ms. Tinckler (mtinckler@sd42.ca)     Ms. Tinckler’s Web Page 

Mr. Tomlin – (stomlin@sd42.ca

Ms. Walton – (lwalton@sd42.ca)

Mr. Webb – (gwebb@sd42.ca)

Mr. Wiens – Career Center (rwiens@sd42.ca)