GRAD 2021

GRAD MEETING – Thank you to all the parents and students that were able to join the grad zoom meeting on Tuesday night.  Here is a few highlights from the meeting.  As we watch closely the public health orders, we will be able to give you more information.  Thank you for your continued patience.

Grad Chair – Tara Black,

School Contact – Christine Watts,

GRAD CEREMONYMonday, June 28 – Cost to be determined which will include the cap and gown rental, potentially livestreaming the ceremony, grad gifts and ceremony expenses.  The graduation ceremony is completely school run so if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to email Mrs. Watts.

Caps and Gowns will arrive the week prior to graduation which will give families the opportunity to take lots of family photos.  We are anticipating being able to do groups of 30 (15 students, 2 parents each and 5 staff per session).  Obviously the public health orders will dictate whether this will be possible so we will keep you informed.  Students will be able to sign up for their time slot with their friends if they choose.

PLANNED EVENTS – We have many events planned for our grads this year including graduation lawn signs which will be delivered by SRT staff, a graduation keepsake video, a grad group photo on Thursday, May 6, more information to follow, a grad BBQ in cohorts and an in person graduation ceremony.

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU – One of our teachers is compiling a video and would like a short video of a dance with a parent formally dressed if they choose, a picture of your child in grade 8 or with their SRT friends in their younger years.  Please keep the video small as these need to be uploaded and we want to include as many as possible.  Ways to submit videos/photos:

2.Dropbox link (Both links are cap sensitive and go to the same location):

3.Students can bring in media on USB.


All official graduation events must be 1.  inclusive of all participants, 2. approved by SD42 and Fraser Health and follow Health and Safety regulations and 3.  must have adequate numbers of SD42 staff supervising.  If dining in June is limited to 10 patrons, we cannot run 16 different dinners.  We anticipate that dinner/dance and dry grad will not be possible in present conditions but we will await the decision by the district and Fraser Health.

WHAT WE CAN DO LAST MINUTE SHOULD RESTRICTS CHANGE – 1. Grad gym or field event, 2. Sunrise walking event, 3. Grad in-school lunch and 4. A formal wear school walk through.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate towards graduation in compliance with keeping kids, parents and staff safe.

GRAD DONATION LETTER – Each year some local businesses are willing to donate items towards the SRT grad celebrations.  Sometimes these are in the form of gift cards, actual prize donations or cash.  This letter can be used to go to businesses to see if they would be interested in contributing to our grad events.  All donations will go directly to the grads in the form of gifts.

Grad 2021 Donation letter

GRAD TEXT REMIND – We are excited to offer grad parents and students the option of signing up for text remind for various events moving forward towards grad.  This is a great way to communicate to the grad class in addition to the parent portal.  Please follow these basic steps to link up your cell phone:

  • Download ‘Remind: School Communication’ (free app)
  • Create an account with your name/cell and password
  • A code will be texted to you to complete the account
  • open this link
  • Select SRT Grad 2021 and you will be connected.


DOMINOES PIZZA CARDS – We have a limited quantity of Dominoes Pizza cards available in the office.  Each pizza cards has 9 two for one coupons and 1 FREE pizza.  These are an excellence deal and a great way to raise money for dry grad and support our community.  Cards can be used at all Maple Ridge locations.  Each card is $10.

KANAKA CREEK LIQUOR STORE – Each time you visit the Kanaka Creek Liquor store, mention ‘GRAD 2021’ upon checkout and they will apply 5% of your purchase to our grad.  Last year this raised quite a bit of money for the grads so please spread the word to neighbours and friends that may go to this store.

HANEY BOTTLE DEPOT – We have set up a bottle return account with the Haney Bottle Depot.  Return your bottles and let them know it’s for SRT grad 2021.  All proceeds from the bottles will go towards the general pot.

Grad Chair email for Tara Black is

Looking forward to working with all our grad 2021 families.