To our SRT Titan Community: In order to clarify for parents and students, here are some important things to note regarding marks for 2019-2020: 1. Not all teachers entered 3rd term marks--it was optional; however, all FINAL MARKS include some elements/work/efforts completed during 3rd term.  This mark is determined differently by teachers based on individual courses and expectations.  How one teacher assesses will likely differ from that of another. 2. Honour Roll/Top Titan will only look at FINAL MARKS and will not take into consideration Term 3 work habits whatsoever. 3. SG= Standing Granted--This is a mark given to students who were close to passing but not quite there.  It means that the student has earned the required credits for graduation and will be promoted to the next grade level.  Students who earned an SG are not required to go to summer school; although it may be beneficial. 4. The first point of contact for questions regarding marks is always the teacher, not the office.  If you have concerns regarding marks, please contact the teacher directly.  Obviously, the summer months may make that difficult as they are not required to be on call to check emails while away from school. 5. Be kind, be patient and remember that it is never the end of the world when it comes to marks, Top Titan or otherwise.  The social-emotional wellness of staff and students is our top priority; so please be sure that any emails sent to teachers or administration are constructive and professional. We hope that the entire Titan Community, from outgoing graduates to incoming grade 8s have a wonderful summer.  Stay safe, and see you in September! Sincerely, The SRT Administration Team
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GRAD 2020

Students who were unable to collect their graduation package can do so this week. The school is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week.  After that the office will not reopen until August 24.

The Grad Video is ready and you can view it in 3 different ways.

  • The video is on a Thumb Drive that you can pick up between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm on June 26
    • As I had indicated the Major Award winners will be surprised so please keep confidential until Sunday
    • You will receive all of your graduation package when you come between these times
  • Download the video from Vimeo.    Password is SRTGRAD2020$
  • Download or watch from the district server, Helix.   You have to open the attachment for instructions.

I huge thank you to Todd Clippingdale for this excellent video.

A final Best Wishes to all of the 2020 Grads.

Helix instructions

Major Award descriptions