Important Information: Grade 10 Literacy Exam

As a part of the new Graduation Program for British Columbia, all Grade 10 students will be required to take the Provincial Graduation Literacy and Graduation Numeracy Assessments.

Some important information to note:

1. SRT is writing the 2019/2020 Literacy Assessment January 21/22, 2020.  Students are separated into groups based on last name.

2. Students MUST complete this exam, in full, for it to count.  That means not finishing or not “trying” may result in a rewrite.  Please encourage your student to try their best.

3.  Students are being prepared through literacy review sessions in multiple classes, and should have an idea of how to complete the exam.

4. Students with specific needs will have alternate writing locations arranged.

These assessments are mandatory, and students are required to complete them in full.  If you have any questions, please email: