Principal’s Post – March 2019

March 2019 Principal’s Post

Although March is a quick month with a two week Spring Break, there are some big things happening at Westview. Students have completed their course planning for next year. Parents
be sure to have a conversation with your child regarding their courses choices for next year.  There are some exciting options available for students.

To help us promote the many things we have going on and the programs at Westview, we have a team of three grade 11 students (Zia, Matteo & Dawson) who have started the Westview Film
Department. Their first production is a profile of Mr. Harmon’s Industrial Design course. The  students completed all aspects of this video including the planning, interviewing, filming and
editing. The final product, I am sure you will agree, is exceptional and shows what students are  capable of given the time and resources to showcase their skills, interests and passions.  Below is a link to view – Industrial Design video.

This Spring Break thirty Westview students will be off to France and Spain with Mrs. Liversidge.  This two week trip is an action packed cultural and language experience with visits to Roman
ruins, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles and concludes with a walking tour of  Barcelona. It will be a experience these students will remember for the rest of their lives.
March 14th is Pi Day and our Math Department led by Ms. Sarai is hosting a week of Pi-related activities. What Is Pi In Math? Pi (π) is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi is a
constant number, meaning that for all circles of any size, Pi will be the same. A few of the activities that are being planned are:

● Pi Memorization Contest
● Pi Pin Making
● “Pi”ku Poem Challenge
● Pi Art Project
● “Pi”napple Toss

The ACT is hosting the Evolving Talent Art Show featuring District 42’s Young Artists. Mrs. Cruikshank was instrumental in making this event happen and features a number of Westview
artists. It is a juried art show and begins Saturday, March 2nd at 2pm and runs until April 6th.  March also sees the conclusion of our winter sports with the annual Basketball Banquet being
held Wednesday, March 13th. The banquet is an opportunity to celebrate the commitment of our student athletes for their growth, development and improvement during the season.

New curriculum information: From kindergarten to graduation, students will experience Aboriginal perspectives and understandings as an integrated part of their learning journey. The inclusion of
Indigenous ways of knowing and being is based on the understanding that Aboriginal perspectives and knowledge are a part of the historical and contemporary foundation of BC and Canada.
An important goal in integrating Aboriginal perspectives into curricula is to ensure that all learners have opportunities to understand and respect their own cultural heritage as well as that of others.  There are two important aspects to embedding these principles of learning into classroom experiences. First, all students will be celebrated as individuals in a strength-based, learner-centred environment and second, all students will be nurtured in their understanding of the healing around Truth and Reconciliation.

Spring sports also begin:
● Boys Rugby – Mr. Wood and Ms. Carlyle
● Girls Soccer – Mr. Schmidt and Ms. MacDonald
● Track and Field – Mrs. Liversidge
● Ultimate – Ms. Doran-Eddy
● Golf – Mr. Procyk
● Ball Hockey – Mr. Hallate and Ms. Carlyle

March 6th – Students attending Anti-Racism Conference in Surrey School District
March 13th – Basketball Wrap-Up
March 13th – Student Skills Showcase – Trades BC
March 15th – last day of school prior to Spring Break
March 18th – 22nd – Spring Break Week #1
March 25th – 29th – Spring Break Week #2
April 1st – return to school after Spring Break