Peak Performance Program

The THSS Peak Performance program guides students and student athletes to an increased level of personal performance in their area of interest. We are looking to engage athletes and performance artists in a manner that supports their parallel goals in education and performance. We will build on specific athletic skills through activity, and apply the related knowledge gained through personal high performance programming consistent with the National Long Term Athlete Development Model or LTAD.  This program will be offered to students in grade 8, through participation in  a specific “pod” during their grade 8 year. The school day will be supplemented by a different activities  supporting goals in high performance sports or elite performance in the Arts.

Entrance to this program is restricted with established criteria. PLEASE be sure to complete the application form below and return it to Mrs. Girbav at This program is delivered in a variety of manners depending on the grade and personal goals of the student. Many aspects for the program are self-directed in nature and require a significant commitment on the part of the students to use the course to practical advantage for both themselves and the larger community.

To participate in the program please apply. Not all candidates may be selected.