Independent Directed Studies – THSS

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The THSS – ISD program is a great opportunity to develop your passions and interests into a course of credits. It is a method of developing a focus of interest, and documenting that personal growth in a manner that supports academic growth.
If you are interested in a specific subject area, you might want to think about Independent Directed Studies. IDS allows you to shape and follow your own course or courses, with a teacher / IDS coordinators. You may choose to add a specialist from outside of the school community .  IDS course credits count as electives toward graduation.
To qualify for IDS, you need the approval of the school principal to expand on one or more learning outcomes from any Ministry or Board/Authority Authorized course. Then you’ll need to find a teacher to supervise your studies before you initiate your own course. You’ll work independently and your teacher will support you and assess your performance. For complete program please download the information page ISD Program 2015