Exit Outcomes

THSS Exit Outcomes

High Quality Producers who: create products and services that consistently reflect high standards, take responsibility for results; use time management skills effectively.

Collaborative Workers who: express ideas and needs; accept and value the ideas and needs of others; work closely with others in a changing environment, find creative options and look for consensus, act with integrity, work cooperatively in both non-competitive and competitive environments.

Global Citizens who: interact positively with people of varied vultures; identify the environmental impact of decisions and promote the health of the world’s environment; promote the welfare of all people in the world.

Socially Responsible Contributors who: participate in the political process; live in accordance with the just laws of society; process, assimilate and synthesize information to determine actions; participate in life-long learning (contribute to improving the welfare of others).

Self-Actualized Individuals who: value themselves as positive, worthwhile people; set and achieve personal and social goals; assess information to solve problems; take responsibility of one’s own emotional and physical well-being.

Communicative Persons who: can interact using a variety of communication processes and information sources.

Creative Contributors who: develop creative solutions and implement new ideas; experiment and take risks, participate in and influence change.