At this time, important information has been sent out via the portal regarding the return to school for those who feel they need to do so. Please complete the survey, whether or not you are returning to school for in-class instruction.    
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Welcome (virtually) Back!

Hello Students and Parents!

It may be a little quiet on your end, as far as school is concerned but it has been hectic on our end.  Staff are working hard to get learning opportunities set up for students and all of us admin has been working to set up guidelines and support for teachers.   Here is what we are doing – and not doing right now:

Home room teachers will contact by phone each of their students to touch base and have a brief conversations around what is to come and to assure students that we will provide lots of support as necessary.

Classroom Teachers will then contact students sometime next week to provide details around how Learning Opportunities will be provided.   Admin will follow up with any student who has not been contacted to determine how we can support him or her.

We are not yet ready to allow students into the school.  We are working on a plan for that.   This means that when students are allowed to come in, the plan will be (loosely) as follows:

  • Students should only come in IF THEY ABSOLUTELY NEED TO.   Just to get a sweater etc. can wait.
  • One student with an assigned time.  We are not sure this will be done yet.
  • No groups and no socializing.  Straight in to your locker and straight out.
  • No paperwork or packaged work will be exchanged.  We need a way to sanitize items.
  • Meet an admin at the door to complete a risk assessment.
  • Don’t congregate at the front door.  If someone is ahead of you wait. Until they are either in or leaving.

We will let you know when and how students can come in to the school.  We are working on a plan for that.

Check the Parent Portal, the website and Social Media like our App and Facebook for updates as we post them.


Course work contact the course teacher.   This will be rolled out slowly and our first priority will be to find out students’ needs.

Questions around how we are implementing and working with students, contact admin.

All emails have been updated on our Website but if you are unable to contact anyone, email:

Grade 12s:
Grade 8/9:
Grade 10/11: