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Science (10-12)

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Electives (10-12: Arts Education/Applied Design, Skills & Technologies)

Students must take Science 10, as well as at least one Science 11.  It is important to research what sciences you may need for your post-secondary plans, as many programs (including some trades) require specific courses.

Science 10
Science 10 prepares students for the senior sciences. Topics of study include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science. Laboratory investigations are a component of this course.

Science 11 Courses (pick at least one)

Life Sciences 11 (Biology)
Are you curious about the living world around you? Do you love puppies? Roses? Probiotic yogurt? Through a series of lab-based activities, students will investigate the evolutionary history of living things, delving deeper into the nature of bacteria and viruses, plants and fungi, and members of the animal kingdom.

Chemistry 11
This course focuses on the concept of equilibrium and reactions occurring in forward and reverse directions. Topics include: reaction kinetics to make a reaction bigger and better, equilibrium balance of chemical reactions, solubility, how acids and bases react in our world, and the electrochemistry of oxidation and reduction.

Physics 11
This hands-on course is an introduction to the physical world of every-day lives. Topics include waves (earthquake, sound, light), motion (speed, acceleration), forces (gravity, friction), momentum (collisions), energy and power. Special relativity (time travel) and nuclear (fission and fusion) are also introduced. Projects include bottle rockets and the egg drop. Field trips include Castle Fun Park and Playland.

Earth Science 11
This lab focused course includes the following topics: earth’s environment, resources, weathering, erosion, volcanoes, earthquakes, plate tectonics, geologic time, fossils, earth’s history, oceanography, meteorology, ocean currents, and astronomy.

Science 12 Courses

Anatomy & Physiology 12 (Biology)
Are you curious about how the human body works? Anatomy & Physiology examines the human body from the level of the individual cell, up to complex organ systems. Physiology examines topics including DNA and enzyme function. Anatomy focuses on the digestive, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, urinary, nervous, and reproductive systems. Prerequisite – Biology 11** Recommended: Chemistry 11 ** Priority given to students with Biology 11 in the event the course is full.

Chemistry 12
Enter a world that describes the batteries that power your laptop and cell phones, the equilibrium balance of chemical reactions, how acids and bases react in our world, and how to speed up a reaction to make it bigger and better. Prerequisite – Chemistry 11

Physics 12
This lab focused course is a two dimensional continuation of kinematics, dynamics, momentum, work, energy and power from Physics 11. New material includes electricity and magnetism in three dimensions, torque, and centripetal motion. Field trips include Boeing and Stave Falls Powerhouse. Pre-requisite: Physics 11