Grade 8 Program

English 8/Social Studies 8

English 8 introduces various reading and comprehension strategies, a self-directed reading program, experimentation with and knowledge of various types of communication, the development of conventional language skills, and exposure to a variety of literary genres, such as drama, short story, novel and poetry. Social Studies 8 surveys world civilizations with a focus on Europe from 700 CE to 1750. It also covers the New World civilizations of the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas. Geographic skills are reinforced and expanded by application to the various content areas.

Math 8/ Science 8

This course expands on the foundations of mathematics including the concepts of number, patterns, shape, and probability and statistics. Technology is integrated throughout the course so students are encouraged to bring a device to access online resources. Students have the option to gain credit for Math 8 Honours by completing enrichment honours assignments and projects and participating in the Canadian Mathematics Competition. Science 8 involves investigations in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science. It provides an introduction to the scientific method, safety, and laboratory investigations.

Physical Health Education 8

Physical Health Education 8 will include an introduction and exposure to a selection of activities from each of five movement categories: alternative environment, dance, games, gymnastics and individual/dual activities. All instruction will be focused on fostering an appreciation for physical, social, and mental well being through a diversified program of activities.

Languages 8 (French/Spanish)

The Languages Department is both proud and excited to be offering our Grade 8 students two Languages Students will have the opportunity to learn and discover both French and Spanish language and culture.


Students are given the opportunity to explore 12 different elective options!  More information is coming soon…

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