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Electives (10-12)

Arts Education & Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST):

  • Students are required to take a minimum of one Arts Education or an ADST class at the Grade 10, 11 OR 12 level.
  • Students will take Grade level courses, unless the course is not available
  • Grade 10 students at SRT may take grade 10 or 11 Elective(s)
  • Students can choose to take more than one language course, science, social studies, or english course as an elective as well!

Drama 10

If you are interested in acting or performance, you will love Drama 10! This year we will go more in depth with scene study and play productions that will be performed for an audience. We may even have an evening performance! We will film commercials and PSAs, perform monologues, and explore greater use of movement, memorization and concentration skills, expression, and characterization.

Drama 11/12

See yourself in the spotlight! The audience is hanging on your every word! Acting is exactly what you’ve been looking for! You will learn to develop expression of emotion, voice projection, accents, characterizations, and blocking. You will be expected to memorize and present a variety of scenes, monologues, and plays for student audiences as well as for at least one evening performance. All students in Acting must present on stage. Members of this class will be involved in all aspects of play production – from building sets, finding costumes, publicity, lighting, and sound.

Art 10

Open to all Grade 9 and 10 students. Come and explore the elements and principles of design as they apply to drawing, painting and sculpture. Students will learn various techniques to develop both drawing and painting skills in portraiture, still life and landscape. Work with various mediums such as charcoal, pastels, and acrylics. Enjoy 3-D sculpture work with clay and paper mache. Learn block print making and create comic art.

Art Studio 11/Art Studio 12

For students who have completed Art 9/10 and/or who are in Grade11&12. Continue developing and refining your drawing and painting skills. Discover block printing methods, work with wire, clay, and paper mache to create 3-D sculptures. Learn through Art History interesting ways of working that include Abstraction, Surrealism, Conceptual and Environmental Art. Begin working on a personal art portfolio for post secondary studies.

Graphic Arts 11/Graphic Arts 12

If you are a senior and want to take a second art class, this is the one for you. Only available to art students who are already taking Art 11/12. Students may present independent project proposals for personal explorations with a particular medium or to create an art portfolio.

Guitar 10 –  open to all grades (Instrumental Music 10)

Students will experience the fundamentals of the guitar while learning how to read music. Students will learn different strumming and picking techniques while working on a range of music from classical to contemporary. Public performance is a component of this course.

Guitar 11/12 – open to all grades (Instrumental Music 11/12)

An opportunity for students at the senior level to experience learning music for the first time. Due to varying levels of ability, achievement will be assessed based on individual progress. Previous students will continue their mastery of guitar techniques.

Intro to School of Rock (Contemporary Music 10)
Learn the basic skills needed to play Rock & Roll, including drums, bass, rhythm/lead guitar and vocals. Practice playing music with a group and performing in front of others in a supportive and low-pressure environment. Students will also begin composing and arranging using Garageband.

School of Rock (Contemporary Music 11/12)

Learn what it takes to be in a real Rock & Roll band while increasing your confidence and team work skills. Consisting of drums, bass, rhythm / lead guitar and vocals, students will form their own bands within the class, compose original music / lyrics and perform for their school community.

Digital Photography 9/10

Digital Photography focuses on understanding the basic operations and functions of a digital camera and the manipulation of its settings to achieve a specific result. Students will learn about photographic elements of art and principles of design, composition, and lighting. Students learn image techniques and digital manipulation using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, teaching them how to archive, organize and optimize their photographs for print or web purposes. Students will learn how to manage and creatively alter digital images as well as critically analyze the use of visual media as a means of communication in our society today.   If you took Photography 9, take Photography 11.

Digital Photography 11

Building on the skills learned in photography 10, this course dives deeper into the artistic realm of digital photography. There will be several skills/techniques and processes that we will explore further in this course especially in terms of learning how to harness the power of a manual camera, as well as exploring editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Students will also be introduced to using studio lighting and remote flash equipment which allow them to shape and mould their subjects to a very professional level. Students will explore the significance of photography within the larger context of the art world, and learn about the critical and varied application it has to the modern world. Students will show off their work in their digital photography blog portfolio. Prerequisite: Photography 10


Marketing 11

This course looks at basic marketing principles including advertising, promotions, displays, product development, packaging and branding. Students will learn valuable experience working in a small business (our school store) where they are trained in cash register skills, customer service and team cooperation. Marketing 11 is a must for those interested in business or looking for a practical way to apply their creativity.

Entrepreneurship 12

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the basic skills needed to started to start and run a business. Students will learn how to generate and evaluated business ideas, financial and legal requirements and marketing. The course with a project that involves writing a business plan and making an online pitch to classmates.

Computers 10

This course is designed to educate students on the ever-changing digital world, as well as to provide hands-on experience with industry standard software and equipment. The curriculum covers a wide range of areas, so it appeals to a diverse group of students. Topics covered in computer classes include graphic design, animation, audio production, video production, and web design.

Digital Media (Media Design) 11/12

Digital Media Design 11/12 focuses on video editing & production, 3D modelling & animation, graphic design, and web design & development. Students will learn design principles, work on a variety of digital media projects, and develop a digital portfolio of their best work. The course will encourage students to learn and utilize technical and artistic skill and theory. The course is particularly suited for students interested in pursuing a career in graphic design, video game design, visual effects artistry, videography, 2D and 3D animation, and other new media jobs.

Media Production 11/12 (Yearbook)

Our main objectives will be to produce and print student publications. In addition we will be responsible for making the SRT yearbook. This is a course that requires commitment and attention to detail. You will develop extensive knowledge with all Adobe Photoshop / Publication software that can be readily adapted to the workplace. Past students have used the skills learned here to further their working careers once they graduate.

Microsoft I.T. Academy 11/ 12

This class enables students to obtain official Microsoft Certifications in a variety of Microsoft programs. This is a self-directed course in which students decide what program they wish to work on and when they are ready to take the official Microsoft examinations. This course will help students get an advantage when it comes to job applications and performance. Students will also gain confidence in the Microsoft Office Suite, which can improve efficiency with other courses both in High School and University. As this course is self-directed the number of obtainable certifications can range from Word or Excel specialists to the ultimate goal of obtaining a MOS Master Certification.


Textiles 10

Express your unique sense of style. This course is an introduction to clothing construction. Students will learn the basics of sewing on sewing machines and sergers. Various sewing techniques and the reading of commercial patterns will be a focus. Evaluation is based on theory, practical work and daily progress. Projects include: handbags, pajamas, skirts and shorts.
If you took Textiles 9, take Textiles 11.

Textiles 11

Building on skills learned in Textiles 9-10, Textiles 11 focuses on projects using more difficult fabrics and construction methods. Projects include garments like yoga-wear or sweat pants, hoodies and bathing suits that use mainly knit fabrics. This course is mainly practical in nature. However theory plays an integral role in successful completion of projects. Pre-requisite: Textiles 9-10

Textiles 12

Calling all designers! A continuation of Textiles 11, this course will continue to build on skills already learned. Advanced sewing and tailoring techniques will be the focus. Sewing with specialty fabrics as well as basic design theory will be taught. Students are given more freedom to create free choice garments that suit their style and needs. Pre-requisite: Textiles 11

Culinary Training 10-12

These courses are designed to give students a basic overview of working in a restaurant or banquet style kitchen. Areas of study include: basic cooking & baking skills, proper use & care of a chef’s knife & other kitchen equipment. Students will complete Food Safe Level I and receive a corresponding certificate essential for employment in the food service industry. Daily production of food for the school’s cafeteria provides students with the hands on opportunity to develop marketable skills which can lead to direct employment.

Foods 10

Students will start with basic recipes and the theory accompanying them, then progress to more difficult and multi-course meals. Topics covered include, principles of food production and their relationship to the environment, nutrition, careers in hospitality, food marketing, and consumerism. This course will provide students with more than the basics to prepare meals at home, or start off in the food industry. Please note that this course is 60% practical and 40% theory.

Foods 11

International Foods will introduce you to foods, dining customs, and food preparation techniques of various cultures from around the world. Classes will focus on learning through practical demonstrations and labs. Prerequisite – Foods 10

Foods 12

Students will continue to learn food preparation techniques that they will use to create delicious, nutritious and healthy meals. They will study social, economic and cultural influences on food. There is an emphasis on learning by cooking.


The Technology Education programs at SRT are designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain both the conceptual knowledge and a practical understanding of many technological processes used in our society today. The aims of the department include: the development of technical literacy, an understanding of universal safety practices, how to use tools, materials, systems and processes in an informed and responsible fashion, the practical application of knowledge and skills via hands-on design and problem-solving challenges, projects and labs.

Drafting and Engineering 10

This hands-on course introduces concepts such as g-forces, friction, aerodynamics, and collisions in projects such as hovercrafts, bottle rockets, paper towers, spaghetti bridges, virtual bridge building, the egg drop, and roller coaster designing. This course is project oriented, and computers will be used extensively. There will be field trips to local engineering sites.

Engineering 11/12

This course is hands-on and project based. Solo and team work will be emphasized. CAD- type programs, computer simulators, computerized sensors, 3D printers, and other technological tools will be used extensively. Projects include hovercrafts, robots, roller coasters, model rockets, toothpick bridges, and motor cars. There will be field trips to Greater Vancouver engineering sites.

Woodwork 10

Woodwork 9 and Woodwork 10 are introductory courses that are available to all grade 9 and 10 boys and girls. The course places great emphasis on safe work practices through all of the stages of project development and completion. Students will complete a minimum of 2 teacher assigned projects. Through inquiry and design, many students will have the opportunity to complete a third project of their choice. Some of the machines used at this level will include mitre saw, table saw, jointer, thickness planer and most portable electric and cordless tools. Accurate measurement and work will be an ongoing part of the course. Appropriate finishing methods will be explored as well.

Woodwork  11

Woodwork 11 is a course that is available to grade 11 students who have never previously taken Woodwork or to students who have taken Woodwork 9 or 10. The course will focus on the safe operation of woodworking machines and tools while the student takes a project from the beginning stages right through to finishing. The course will begin with a teacher assigned project but will quickly evolve into a course where students can design and produce a cabinet or furniture item of their choice or complete a cabinet or furniture item that the teacher has assigned. At this level, most machine, portable and cordless tools will be taught and used regularly. Great emphasis will also be placed on understanding personal safety practices and therefore choosing appropriate environmentally safe finishes and techniques. This course would be an excellent choice for a student wanting to enroll in the Kwantlen Partnership Carpentry program. *Recommendation that student is in grade 11/12 or has completed Woodwork 9 or 10.

Woodwork 12

This course is for the student who has taken Woodwork 11. The course will be an extension of the grade 11 course and follows very closely the grade 11 course. More machine tools and processes will be explored and projects will be completed accordingly. Jig and fixture design is very likely at this level to allow students to produce multiple furniture parts. At this level students will be asked to challenge their own skill level. There are no teacher assigned projects at this level so it is expected that students will either design their own cabinet or furniture work in consultation with the teacher or will work on a teacher assigned cabinet and furniture project. Final discussion will also focus on historical, social, and cultural implications of wooden artifacts.

Metalwork 10

Metalwork 9 and Metalwork 10 are introductory courses that are available to all grade 9 and 10 students. The course places great emphasis on safe work practices through all of the stages of project development and completion. Students will complete a minimum of 2 teacher assigned projects. Through inquiry and design, some students will have the opportunity to complete a third project of their choice. Some of the machines used at this level may include: band saw, lathe, milling machine, welders as well as most portable electric and cordless tools. Accurate measurement, good design and quality work will be an ongoing part of the course. Appropriate finishing methods will be explored as well.

Metalwork 11

Metalwork 11 is a course that is available to grade 11 students who have never previously taken Metalwork or to the student who has taken Metalwork 9 or 10. The course will focus on the safe operation of metalworking machines and tools while the student takes teacher assigned projects from the beginning stages right through to finishing. The course will begin with some teacher assigned projects but may evolve into a course where some students can design and produce metalwork items of their choice through efficient problem solving. The Metalwork 11 course will focus on layout and fabrication, machining on the lathe, the milling machine, arc and stick welding as well as some art metal. Basic metallurgy will also be discussed. This course would be an excellent choice for the student wishing to go into our BCIT partnership metal fabrication program. *Recommendation that student be in grade 11 or 12 or has completed Metalwork 9 or 10.

Metalwork 12

Metalwork 12 is a continuation of the Metalwork 11 course. Students taking this class ideally need to have taken Metalwork 11. At this level, it is assumed that students have a genuine interest in pursuing a Metalwork related occupation. This course will allow the student to further their Metalwork skills through teacher assigned projects but may also allow students to concentrate in chosen areas such as machining and welding. It is also very likely at this level that students will have moved from reading available shop drawings to generating their own to pursue a project through a perceived need. Some final discussions in this class might also focus on the recycling of metal items as well as historical, social and cultural implications of metal artifacts. *Recommendation that student has completed Metalwork 11.


Leadership 10-12
The Leadership class is an elective which will be an unforgettable experience. The mandate of this course is to positively influence the school culture through planning and running school wide events and initiatives, as well as Peer Leadership with younger grades and feeder schools. This class does run out of the timetable at lunch and afterschool.

Link Crew 11-12
Link Crew is for Grade 11 & 12 students who want to support Grade 8 students transition into their first year at SRT. Link Crew provides training for its leaders to help Grade 8s learn what it means to be a Titan. Activities like September Orientation, academic follow ups, planning social activities, and meeting on an individual basis throughout the year, will help make the Grade 8 experience more memorable and successful! *** Students will be selected for Link Crew, this is not a course to sign up for ***Must be available for two (2) training dates the last week of August***