Student Led Conferences – March 9

On March 9th our teachers are going to conduct student led conferences; similar to in the fall, due to the ongoing COVID situation, the decision has been made throughout the district to conduct these conferences online.

Between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm on Wednesday, March 9th, teachers will be available for conferences which can be booked through the parent portal.  However, because teachers are conducting these conferences online, they will only have a limited number of appointments available.  This means that we would like parents to be selective in booking conferences so that other parents will have the opportunity to connect with teachers.

Please follow the guidelines below:

A.    Be selective.  Talk to your student to see if there are classes in which they are struggling or classes that require direct communication.  Don’t forget that on March 9th we’ll be sending home interim report cards for all classes.

B.    If your student is in grade 8, please do not book conferences with any of their elective rotation teachers.  These teachers only see each grade 8 student for 3 weeks before the student moves on to sample another subject. Furthermore, all of these rotation teachers have students in other grades that are enrolled for the entire semester.  Elective grade 8 rotations include Art (Mr. Pasqualatto), Foods (Ms. Rowell), TITAN UP (Mr. Tillotson), Power Tech (Mr. Faresin), Drama (Mr. Driscoll), and Spanish (Ms. LaPointe).

If you’re disappointed or frustrated because you can’t book with a particular teacher, please feel free to email that teacher.  They would be happy to get back to you.

The Process:  If you’ve never booked appointments before, please click on the link below.  Appointments are now available for booking.