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Student Article: Ways of Teaching at SRT

Ways of teaching at SRT by Abi Smith

SRT teachers care about the way their students learn. They have a variety of different teaching methods ensuring that every student can be successful here at SRT.

As you may or may not know many teachers at SRT teacher multiple subjets so their way of teaching differs from class to class, it can also depend on the students and their needs.

Making classes fun is an important factor in their teaching styles. “ Go with the flow until I don’t,” Mrs. Hindson said in our interview, making the class flexible for all the students.

Students learn in many ways so teachers set out a variety of different work so everyone can enjoy at least one thing whether this is a worksheet, a book or a test. Mrs. Jensen stated,” school is for everyone.” therefore teachers think about how students can succeed in their class.

Many SRT teachers are firm about due dates, others have some creative ways of ensuring work gets in – end of the month hand in – hand in when it is your best work. 

Many teachers style of teaching does reflect on their personality. If a teacher likes to talk a lot in their personal life you find their lessons are mainly discussion-based, if others are into being crafty or tech their lesson will most likely be showing hands-on learning.

Lessons, part of a teaching style is how the teacher presents their lesson. Being interactive with students is always a good lesson, keeping their brains working. Visual and movement are key for some teachers’ way of teaching.

A good way teachers connect with their students and a way of their teaching is through sarcasm and laughter this shows that it’s not all about the work but making sure students enjoy the class and how it is taught.

You may ask why do teachers care so much about how SRT students learn? To be successful in school students need to at least learn something and it is important in teachers teaching methods that students learn in a constructive way. This ensures that students will be happy to come to school knowing that there are good lessons during the day.

Image from “teachers and students learning”