Message from Superintendent Sylvia Russell

From Sylvia Russell, Superintendent of Schools:

Supporting All Learners 2018/19

I am very pleased to present to you our Supporting All Learners annual learning report. As a school district, we rely upon the learning priorities of each school, as set out in school growth plans, to drive board-funded learning supports and structures. We now have several years of investment and focus on the four following areas identified in school growth plans: social and emotional learning, literacy, learning and assessment, and secondary innovation.

Our sustained focus on and work in these four key areas of learning have resulted in inclusionary teaching practices, new assessment tools and practices, workshops, professional development, the addition of helping teachers, new programs, and support from educational researchers. As you will see in your review of the report, the investment is beginning to reap significant and positive results for our students.

Read the Supporting All Learners 2018/19 report online at