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Frequently Asked Questions: Curriculum, Graduation & More

Here is a list of frequently asked questions, for all grades regarding course planning and graduation:

What provincial exams do students still take?

After this year (2019), students will no longer take provincial exams–they will be required instead to take Literacy and Numeracy assessments–Numeracy assessments have already begun for some students.  Literacy assessments will be done in Grade 10 and 12, Numeracy only in Grade 10.  These assessments are not linked to specific classes, but look at general knowledge surrounding literacy and numeracy.  Students are required to write in their prescribed year; however, some may choose to rewrite if they miss the exam or scored lower than expected. The schedule of assessments is as follows:


June 2019: Grade 11 and Grade 10
January/June 2020 & onward (twice per year): Grade 10


June 2019: Last English 12 Provincial (Grade 12s)
January/June 2020: Grade 10 Literacy (No literacy or provincial for Grads of 2021!)
January/June 2021 & onward: Grade 10 Literacy, Grade 12 Literacy

What math options do students have, and how do they impact future choices?

Beginning in Grade 10, students may choose to take either Workplace Math 10 or Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10.  While both streams meet the requirements for graduation, there are different reasons to choose one over the other.  Students who are not successful in Math 9 may receive the recommendation from their teacher to select Workplace Math 10, alternatively students may choose to take Workplace Math if they are looking for a more applicable, real-world math option.  Many students (and parents!) fear that Workplace Math closes too many doors; however, that is not always the case.  Many programs at popular post-secondary schools accept Workplace Math.  Checking with our academic advisor is a good place to start when making decisions.

What is Careers 9?

Careers 9 is an introductory course where students in Grade 9 explore various career options, as well as are introduced to a variety of guest speakers from Worksafe to Skills Canada.  Students are expected to complete Careers 9 outside the timetable, through Flex activities and online, via MyBlueprint.  Students receive a mark for Careers 9.

What are the graduation requirements in BC?

Students in BC typically are on the Dogwood graduation program, meaning that they must fulfill a certain number of courses and credits in order to receive their diploma.  In recent years, there have been changes to the graduation program, and the exact requirements can be found HERE.

If students are not sure what classes to take for graduation, they should speak with their counsellor or our academic advisor, Mr. Wiens.

Who do we talk to about Post-Secondary and Scholarships?

Mr. Wiens, and Ms. Sekon in the Career Center (located next to the main office) are always willing  and able to help with questions about post-secondary, and scholarships.  Mr. Wiens, as our academic advisor, is an excellent resources for students in all grades when making decisions about course planning and the future.

Students can also use and