Core Competency Instructions

Please use the following to complete the required Core Competency reflections on  Use the following instructions: CoreCompetencyInstructionsGR8-10

REMINDER: Students should use the SCHOOL ACCOUNT LOG IN on MyBlueprint.

If students DO NOT HAVE the CLASS ACTIVITIES under “Classes” then they should:

  1. Create a portfolio under PORTFOLIOS click on +Portfolio and title it “Core Competencies Grade X”.  Do not put a description.
  2. +Box –> Journal x 3 times (ONE per COMPETENCY)
    1. Title each reflection “Thinking,” “Communication,” “Personal and Social Responsibility”
    2. Write the reflection in the “Description” Box.  DO NOT ADD EVIDENCE TO YOUR REFLECTION.
  3. +Box–> Media x 6 times (TWO per COMPETENCY)
    1. Title each piece of evidence “Thinking #1, Thinking #2, etc”
    2. Add media–> Photos, files, audio, video
  4. Under GOALS, click +Goal.  Choose a type of goal, then explain what it is.  Scroll down and click +Task.  Add TWO tasks that will help you achieve your goals.