Welcome to SRT: Grade 8 Newsletter

Welcome to SRT!  We are very excited to get to know our newest Titans!

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Grade 9-12 Summer Newsletter

Welcome back!

Please see our newsletter: Grade 9-12 summer newsletter

Mandatory Year-End Requirements

The following dates are important to note:

Double Blocks: June 17, 18, 20, 21 are MANDATORY DOUBLE BLOCKS where FINAL ASSESSMENTS worth upwards of 30% of a students’ mark will be conducted.

“I” day: June 19th is our “incomplete” day, where students who are just shy of passing a course are INVITED by teachers to attend and make up assessments. If you student is invited, and does not attend they risk FAILING THEIR COURSE.

English 12 Provincial Exam: June 24th at 9:00am is the provincial exam–please BE ON TIME–MEANING, ARRIVE WITH ENOUGH TIME TO CHECK IN AND FIND YOUR WRITING SPACE.  Students who arrive late will lose the opportunity to write, and therefore will have to write in August.

Numeracy Exams: June 25/26.  ALL GRADE 10/11 STUDENTS are REQUIRED TO TAKE NUMERACY.  It is a PROVINCIAL ASSESSMENT just like the old PROVINCIAL EXAMS.  Grade 11s are on June 25, and Grade 10s are on June 26.


School of Rock @TheAct June 3

Get your TICKETS to the year end School of Rock show!

Tickets: www.theactmapleridge.org/buy-tickets/other-presentations/srt-school-of-rock-2/

Measles Information for Schools within the Fraser Health Region

Important information for parents and students from the Fraser Health Region

Measles letter to Parents – AB_20190221[2]

Titan Talk: November

* Update * News from the Main Office *
* Curriculum and Course Planning * Careers 9 *
* Upcoming Dates & Events *

Welcome to December (if you can believe it?!).  We are moving along quite nicely here at school, looking forward to another busy month.  We have started with Basketball season in the gym, sent students to WE Day, the Vancouver Aquarium, Hawaii and more this past month.  We also had the Greenthumb theatre come and present to all grades, as well as Grad Photos.

Updates from the Main Office:

Report cards are coming up in the very near future.  If you don’t yet know how to log into MyEd/MyClass to view your students’ report card, please check the Parent Portal for instructions.  It is important that parents view report cards in order to continue and support your student as need–be it facilitating tutoring, arranging a teacher meeting and so forth.

Curriculum and Course Planning

Course planning for 2019/2020 is already in the works!  Students will begin making their choices in the new year, and information pertaining to what is required for each grade, as well as course descriptions/offerings will be online soon.  We are excited to launch new curriculum for English 11 next year, as well as a few new courses in Physical Health Education and Social Studies.
Special Note:  All students entering into Grade 10 AND 11 will be required to take Career Life Education in their timetable next year.  

Careers 9

All grade 9s are required to take Careers 9.  This month, Ms. Allen will be attending Social Studies 9 classes to talk about their assignments, help with MyBlueprint and get them signed up for the upcoming Careers 9 presentations: Careers 9 Presentations.

Upcoming Dates & Events

Upcoming Dates and Events:

Dec. 6/7         WorkSafe Presentations (Grade 9s, Flex in Library)
Dec. 11            Trades/Culinary/Hair Program Presentation (Grade 9s, Flex in Library)
Dec. 13           Report Cards released
Dec. 13          Winter Formal
Dec. 19/20    Festive Flex
Dec. 21           Last day before Winter Break
Jan. 7             Schools back in session
Jan. 18           Late Start
Jan. 25           Non-instructional day

Titan Talk: October

In this edition:

* Update * News from the Main Office *
* Curriculum * Careers 9 * Scholarships & Post Secondary Info *
* Upcoming Dates & Events *


October had us continuing on our trend of keeping busy here at SRT–with Fall sports in full swing (Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Volleyball, Football and Field Hockey), and student events happening on the regular (assemblies, clubs, school dance, Festive Flex) there’s always something to participate in!

News from the Main Office

Student-led conferences are happening this month.  Parents were sent a portal message regarding the new process of signing up.  Report card instructions will also be on the portal, for those parents and students who do not yet have access to MyClass.  Students should also be able to log in and show parents report cards on their myClass.  Parents are reminded to call in if they wish to sign their student out from classes early–if your student is coming late, please be sure to call in so your student is marked as excused.


We are excited to be off and running with a number of new courses this year at SRT, including our English 10 streams (Spoken Language, New Media and Literary Arts).  We will also be offering dates in January to write and rewrite the Numeracy Assessment (https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/provincial-assessment/graduation/numeracy). If your student has already written the assessment, they can check their results HERE.

Festive Flex happened at the end of October, and was an opportunity for students to connect with teachers who they don’t normally see!  From spooky cookies with Ms. Rowell to tossing pumpkins off the roof with Mr. Crich, students got a chance to participate in some fun and interactive activities!

Careers 9

Students are required to complete Careers 9 for Graduation.  Grade 9s will be given a package to complete at the beginning of November, that will also be posted on the website.  This package includes assignments, reflections and presentations that allow them to begin exploring their options for their future.

Take Our Kids to Work Day is their first assignment.  Please be sure to check the portal for more information, and to complete the necessary paperwork to release your student from classes on November 14.  They will have a worksheet to take with them in order to complete the assignment.  If you student is unable to go with yourself or another trusted adult on November 14th, they are expected to attend classes as usual.  They will also be required to complete an alternate assignmen

Scholarships and Post-Secondary Information:

Did you know our Careers Centre website is a great resource?  Click here: https://srtcareercentre.wordpress.com/ to get lots of important and useful information about post-secondary.

Upcoming Dates and Events:

November 1                              Grade 9 Aquarium Trip
November 5-13                        SRT Science to Hawaii!
November 7                              Remembrance Day Assembly
November 8                             Student-led conferences (no classes)
November 9                              Professional Development Day (no school)
November 12                            Remembrance Day (no school)
November 13-16                       Grad Photos
November 14                             Take Our Kids to Work Day (Grade 9s)
November 16                             Late Start
November 19                             PAC Meeting @ 7:00 pm

Titan Talk: September

In this edition:

* Welcome back! * News from the Main Office *
* Curriculum Update * Sports News *
* Club News * Upcoming Dates & Events *

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Welcome Back!

We were very excited to start off this year at SRT with our usual all-school assembly, led by our one-and-only, Tommy Titan!  It was great to see everyone back from summer break, and we hope that we have another great year.

The first few days are always a bit chaotic, given that schedules and classes are changing.  We have 140 new grade 8s learning the building, and routines are just beginning after a summer of (hopefully) relaxation for our students and staff!  This year, our Grade 8s were greeted and led by our amazing LINK Crew, which made for a fantastic welcome to SRT.  We also hosted grade assemblies for all of our grades, and in homerooms, students were reminded of the all-important SRT Code of Conduct.  This is also available to view on our website HERE.  Overall, we’ve see a lot of great behaviours and attitudes from the majority of our students that we hope will continue through the year.

The cafeteria and school store are now in full swing, as are most clubs and sports–see below for more information!

News from the Main Office

The main office is our central hub, especially for our start-up.  From lockers to schedules, we rely on a lot of people to keep on top of what needs to happen to smoothly begin the year.  Please continue to follow the proper procedures for field trips and fees, which should be taken care of through the parent portal.  We also want to remind parents and students that if a student is leaving school, at any time during the day, they need to be signed out at the office.  This is for safety reasons, and we will not approve students leaving without parent permission.  You can send a note, call it in or email.

If you have been around the school at all this year, you’ll notice a few staffing changes in the building.  Mrs. Allen has arrived to replace Mr. Kater as one of the vice-principals, Ms. Miller (reception) has moved into records and Ms. Lunoch has returned to SRT Counselling from her Mat Leave.  In the classrooms, we want to welcome Ms. Bento, Mr. Conway, Mr. Tillotson, Ms. Langan and Mr. Driscoll, all of whom are now full time Titans here at SRT.

Curriculum Update

Every year, we see more of the updated curriculum coming to action, and this year was no exception!  English 10 now consists of even more options for students, who choose two different streams to explore.  We are offering New Media 10, Literary Studies 10 and Spoken Language 10 this year at SRT.  We have also seen the introduction of senior Socials electives this year, with Grade 11s choosing from Law 12, Geography 12, History 12, and Criminology 11 instead of Social Studies 11.  As we make more changes to our course offerings, we will be sure to keep parents updated.

Sports News

Fall sports are in full swing here at SRT.  We are in the midst of Volleyball, Boys Soccer, Football and Cross Country seasons, with participants from across all of out grades.  Students are informed about sports and teams via our PA announcements, and if interested in joining a particular team, should made sure to listen and ask about dates, times and tryouts (if applicable).

Club News

Every year we are excited to offer opportunities for students to get involved, with clubs for a number of interests.  The outdoors club runs year-round, with out trips and excursions that take kids up to the mountains to down to the sea.  Check out the information board upstairs by the main stairs.  We also run a Chess Club, a Robotics Club, a Games Club, Ski and Snowboard Club, Me to We Club, and a Book Club.

If students have others interests and want to start a club, they are highly encouraged to do so!

Upcoming Dates and Events

October 5                                 World Teacher Day
October 8                                  Thanksgiving (no school)
October 12                                Late Start
October 12                                Jersey Day
October 15                                PAC Meeting 7:00 pm Library
October 25                               Photo Retakes
October 25                               Halloween Dance
October 29-November 1        Festive Flex
November 8                             Student-led conferences
November 12                            Remembrance Day (no school)