January school update

Good morning,

I want to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year a few hours in advance of the start of 2022.  It is always exciting to begin a new year and the staff at SRT are determined to make 2022 successful for SRT students regardless of what the Omicron variant has in store for us.  That being said, many of our students and families may have specific questions about what school will look like over the next few weeks and months. I know that over the past few days I have had questions about,

  1. whether SRT staff are making contingency plans for online learning
  2. the fate of basketball and other extracurricular activities
  3. back-up plans for graduation
  4. whether semester 1 will still end in late January as planned
  5. the enhanced safety plans being implemented at SRT
  6. whether ski trips to Seymour will continue
  7. how rapid testing will be used in schools
  8. whether there will be changes to school hours when classes commence on January 10th
  9. how we handle potential staffing problems

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers yet to many of these questions.  However, next week will be an opportunity for SRT staff to meet and plan for the new school year and to work with district and ministry staff to define the best way to move forward in a safe and inclusive manner.

Finally, In the coming days, I know our community will continue to support each other as we work together to implement health and safety protocols outlined by the Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of Education. I know how much the SRT community means to our staff, students, and families. I recognise that that this is a difficult time as we continue to navigate the pandemic together. I want to remind you of some of our available community supports should you wish to connect with them.

Ridge Meadows Foundry

https://foundrybc.ca/ridgemeadows and The Family Education and Support Centre


I promise to communicate with you over the next week as I get more information from the district and from the SRT staff about plans for the return to school.

All the best in 2022,

Ken Elphick