PMSS Course Selection for 2021-2022

Dear parents,

Course Selection for the 2021-22 School Year is not far away.  Please take some time to review and discuss elective options in the Updated 2021-22 PMSS Course Selection-Guide so that you are prepared in January when course selection is underway.  Feel free to contact your child’s academic grade counsellor prior to the start of course selection for academic guidance or to address questions you may have.  Grade level academic counsellors are listed below:


GRADE 8 and 10:                            Ms. Morrow   email: 

GRADE 9:                                          Ms. McLaughlin  email:    

GRADE 11:                                        Ms. Griffin email:  


COURSE SELECTION for 2021-2022    What will Course Selection look like in January?

Counsellors will be visiting classes starting on Monday, January 18th

  1. Counsellors will visit classes to review and support students in filling out the course selection sheets.  There will be opportunity for Q&A from students as well.
  2. Students will bring their completed course selection sheets home that day to review with and be signed by parents
  3. Parents should adjust and edit choices on the course selection sheet prior to signing.  All adjustments should be made in pen.  Please note that course changes in September cannot always be accommodated and students may be required to remain in the course initially requested. Please encourage your child to select courses carefully and with commitment.
  4. The next day, counsellors will collect signed forms from students in their class.
  5. Course selection will close on January 29th.