Grade 8 Survival Guide


Some Quick info for New Grade 8s

Open house in Sept (meet the teacher) Date TBA

  • Great time to put a face to a name
  • Teachers usually speak briefly about their expectations
  • Assessment explained
  • Question and answer session for parents
  • Share/confirm contact info

Planner use

  • Highly recommended in Gr. 8
  • School provides digital app that can be used as planner
  • Teachers provide time in class for students to record homework and due dates; parents should be checking this regularly

General Information

  • Marks are posted online; Marks are cumulative
  • Tutorial times/Flex time – it is expected that students will be aware of due dates and their teacher’s open classroom times and use those times to get caught up without being told to attend.
  • Emails – teachers’ main form of communication is email. Feel free to contact them whenever you have questions. Please allow a couple of days for a response as most teachers have about 200 students.
  • Grade 8 initiative: Math Help Services.  The parents will have to provide: student email, parent email and payment on the portal.
  • It would be very helpful if each Gr. 8 student had their own gmail address for September.