Grad Newsletters

2020 Pitt Grad Parent Committee Executive:

Asher Steed, Chair, Pitt 2020 Grad Committee

Laura Clarke and Fiona Pardy, Co-chairs, Prom Committee

Melanie Pollard and Michelle Rebaulkin, Co-chairs, Dry Grad Committee

Paula Bawa, Treasurer

Zabrina Braithwaite-Kelso, Fundraising


We have begun to book the key service providers for both the Prom and Dry Grad events.  Over the summer, some of the early planning will take place to ensure we are in good shape to deliver a fantastic evening for the Grads of 2020.

We had a great turnout at the first parent meeting held in June 2019 and have been able to fill many of the volunteer positions.  However, we need additional help.  If you’re able, please consider how you may be able to help in the planning, fundraising and/or during Prom and Dry Grad.

The dedicated email account for communications is We encourage all parents to send your email to this account.  The intent is to help build our contact list of helpers and provide a secondary means for communication in addition to Parent Portal.  This will help give us a head start on planning.  You can expect to receive updates on planning meetings, fundraising efforts as well as general communication related to Grad.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please reach out with an email to