Grad Ceremony

Ceremony Information



Tickets for the grad ceremony will be sold in Grad Transitions classes, date TBA in the new year.  Grad’s note:

1 – You MUST HAVE SUBMITTED your grad ceremony write-up in order to purchase ceremony tickets.  Write-ups are to be submitted to

2 – You MUST COMPLETE the student satisfaction survey which you can access in your GT class, date TBA.  A link to the form will be on this site in early spring of 2020.

Ceremony tickets, caps, gowns and stoles will be distributed during the ceremony rehearsal at PMSS in the MPR on Friday, June 19th at 1 pm.

Students arrive at the Pacific Academy 3:30 pm to prepare for the processional rehearsal and group photo.

Theatre doors open at 4:00 pm for families to select their seats. Tickets must be presented at the door.


The Commencement Ceremony will be held on June 23, 2020 at 5:00pm at Pacific Academy, Chandos Pattison Auditorium, 10238 168 Street in Surrey.

Student Arrival: Students arrive at 3:30 pm to prepare for the processional and ceremony. Doors open at 4:00 pm for families to select their seats. Tickets must be presented at the door.

Cap and Gowns: Graduates will receive their caps and gowns immediately after rehearsal (date TBA) in the MPR. These caps and gowns are yours to keep. Grads who receive a gold scarf to wear to indicate they are an Honours student must return this scarf after the ceremony.

Tickets: All family and guests must have tickets. Grad ceremony tickets are $10 each, but will not be sold to students unless they have submitted their write-up for walking across the stage.  The link for ticket purchases will do put up on the GT website after spring break.

Audience notes: As this is a formal ceremony that can last up to three (3) hours it is not suitable for small children.

Accessible notes:  Pacific Academy has a beautiful, large theatre and there are plenty of seats for everyone.  If anyone in your party has mobility issues, and requires special seating reserved, please email Administrative Coordinator, Jacqueline Montgomery at to make these arrangements.

Wondering what to wear?:  Graduates, you will be wearing a traditional cap and gown for the ceremony.  Please remember that this is a formal occasion, and that your attire will be seen as you cross the stage.  The gowns zip up in the front, but your neck area and legs will be visible, so please consider the formality of the occasion when you choose your outfit.  You should not need to purchase a new or expensive outfit for the day, but please dress for the occasion.  Your shoes will be visible to the audience as you cross the stage, so black shoes are recommended.

Your gown will be black and the “hood” around it will be green.  The gown, hood and cap are yours to keep.

When selecting shoes, please keep in mind that you will be walking up and down a very large staircase during the processional and recessional.  It is important for you to be wearing appropriate shoes for this.  Flat shoes or VERY low heels are strongly recommended.

Your attire should include:

  • Your cap.  This will be given to you at the graduation rehearsal and is yours to keep.  You will be given the tassel for your cap immediately before the ceremony.
  • Your black gown and green hood.  This will be given to you at the graduation rehearsal.
  • Your gold Honours stole (if you have been given one).  Note that stoles must be returned immediately after the ceremony as they belong to the school.

Gentlemen: We suggest dress shirt with a collar and tie, as the top of your shirt can be seen above the gown and this looks nice in photos.  Suit jackets aren’t necessary; it gets quite hot on stage under the lights.  Black pants look best with the black gown.

Ladies:  We suggest a nice shirt/dress (many female students tend to choose a neckline that it not visible above the gown, so the colour is not important).  Black pants or a knee-length skirt/dress look best with the black gown.  Black shoes.  Black socks (or neutral/black nylons if you are wearing a skirt/dress).

Ceremony Tickets:  The only time that 2019 Ceremony Tickets will be sold is in GT classes during the week of April 8, 2019.  There is a limit of 8 tickets each grad may purchase.  There is a lottery to allocate additional tickets which will take place the week of April 15 or thereabouts.  To purchase tickets students must complete the form, from the GT website, and submit it together with payment.  Grads, your walk across the stage write-up MUST BE COMPLETED before you are able to purchase tickets.  Tickets will be distributed to Grads after the ceremony rehearsal.

Ceremony Rehearsal Date:  The rehearsal will take place on June 19, 2020 at 1:00pm in the multipurpose room at Pitt Meadows Secondary, NOT Pacific Academy.  Attendance is mandatory.  The main purpose of the rehearsal is to determine the seating arrangement on the stage at Pacific Academy and do a walk through of the processional and recessional.  At the rehearsal, you will also be given important information about the ceremony itself and what you can expect when you arrive.  At the end of the rehearsal, you will be given your ceremony tickets, cap, gown and stole (if receiving one).  As you have purchased the gowns and caps, they are yours to keep and might benefit from a gentle pressing before the ceremony.

Award Information Needed:   As students cross the stage at the graduation ceremony, the Masters of Ceremonies will read the names of any awards that they have received.  School and District awards are generally a surprise for the recipients and we received a list from the school district regarding these.  If you have been awarded any community or university entrance awards that the school might not know about, please email your full name, the full name of the award, and the scholarship amount to

A Note about Photographs at the Theatre:  We will have a professional photographer backstage to take pictures of all grads with their folders and any awarded they receive.  We ask that guests remain in their seats during the ceremony; please do not approach the stage for photos as it disrupts the proceedings and blocks the view of other guests.  These photos will be available for pick up from the school in September with their official Dogwood Certificates received from the Ministry of Education.