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Grad 2020 Update #2 – October 11, 2019

Dear Grade 12 students and parents,

The school year is well underway and the Grad 2020 committee would like to provide an update on Grad 2020 planning and upcoming events.

We had a great turnout of parents and grads on September 25th meeting and had many people step forward to assist with fundraising efforts.  Thanks again everyone for putting your name forward to help out!!! We are still looking for more assistance for upcoming fundraisers (see below!)

The committee has worked with PMSS administration to provide the attached ‘Everything you need to Know’ that provides key dates for the 2020 grad year.  This is attached to this notice and will be posted at .  Further updates will be provided as details are confirmed.

Key dates coming up:

October 15: $100 deposit due on Parent Portal.

October 16: Grad hoodie/sweatpant orders due

October 19 9AM – 3PM – Grad 2020 Bottle Drive:  Mark down this date!  We need parents and grads to help out.  We especially need parent drivers with larger vehicles that can hold collections and students as we canvas our Pitt Meadows neighbourhoods.  

November 2 6PM – 10PM – Parents Pub Night:  Parents and Grads:  We need your help with ‘silent auction’ items.  If you can donate and/or canvas your employer/family/friends, etc. that would be amazing!  Please contact to receive a copy of the donation letter or to arrange for pickup.  

Other useful information:

Bottle Returns Fundraising  We have a Grad 2020 account at Meadows Return-It Centre (Account number 105).  This will be effective until May 2020 so save those bottles and cash them in to help out the Grads!!!

Stay Engaged 
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– Provide your email to to receive updates
– Visit the Grad website at
– Join our facebook group at 

 If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please reach out with an email to 


The 2020 Pitt Grad Parent Executive

Asher Steed, Chair, Pitt 2020 Grad Committee

Laura Clarke and Fiona Pardy, Co-chairs, Prom Committee

Melanie Pollard and Michelle Rebaulkin, Co-chairs, Dry Grad Committee

Paula Bawa, Treasurer

Zabrina Braithwaite-Kelso, Fundraising